VSW S9 Series by Auto Pro USA

VSW S9 Series

9-Bolt Steering Wheels, Hub Adapter & Horn Buttons

More than a slogan, it is our credo. We build steering wheels that match the enthusiasm of our drivers. Here is where the driver meets the vehicle…this is where the true connection is made, and we understand the desire to have the best look and feel in your hands. Like our drivers, each of our steering wheels has a unique personality giving our enthusiast the personalized style that they can call their own. Crafted from the best materials, we offer premium quality leather and wood steering wheels offered in a variety of different styles and colors.

We offer beautiful 9-Bolt Steering wheels with various finishes and styles. Click on the photo to shop all S9 Steering Wheels.

Our 6061 Billet Aluminum Hub Adapters are finished with an anodized layer. Click on the photo to shop all S9 hub adapters.

We have the largest selection of Licensed Horn buttons and emblems.Click on the photo to shop all S9 horn buttons.

S9 Install Instructions

Click on the links below for your vehicle. More instructions coming soon...